The festival of a wooden sculpture “Lukomorie on Baikal-2018” has started

The traditional festival of a wooden sculpture “Lukomorie” this year has gathered 32 teams of sculptors from Russia and whole world

On May 10 opening ceremony of the international festival symposium was held near the village of Savvateevka of the Angarsk district today. This festival — the eighth for all history of Lukomorie festivals.

“It is convinced, you — sculptors of the different countries, nationalities, religions — the general feeling of friendship, support, commitment to excellence, hope and love to the world of art, desire to work and create, try to obtain bigger unites” — the head “Lukomorie on Baikal” Ivan Butenko at the opening ceremony has told.

“Energy, talent have amazing force, the artist always brings the innovative ideas to the world. Dare! Create the projects! Seek to change this world, it is better to make it!” —  art director of “Lukomorie” Thierry Lauwers has addressed participants. According to him, “the main thing — to go only forward”.

The main subject of projects this year — “Love”. That “Hope” (2017) is logical end of the trilogy “Belief” (2016). Part is taken by 32 teams from Russia, Japan, China, Koreas, Mongolia, Ecuador, Chile, Sudan, Poland and Germany.

In the park under the open sky “Lukomorie” – 181 unique sculptural compositions. Closing of a festival – on May 19.