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1959 Born in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan 1985 Graduated from Kanazawa Art University, Department of Sculpture Studied in New Yorkunder Minoru Niizuma, a stone sculptor 1986 Exhibited ‘ANIMA’ series at the Exhibition of Stone Sculpture Society, New York Exhibited at Suma Rikyu Contemporary Sculpture Contest, Kobe (1990) Solo Exhibition at Tokiwa Gallery, Tokyo 1991 […]

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KOBAYASHI, Terunao (Japan)

1959 Born in Hiroshima /Live in Okayama 1983 Completed my Master’s Degree in Education of Artsat the Okayama University 1991 Adachi-kuOutdoor Sculpture Concour 1993 The 7th Kobe Realistic Sculpture Grand Award Exhibition Exhibition Of Contemporary Sculpture In Hyuga –Civilian Award 1994 Niigata Outdoor Sculpture Grand Award Exhibition 1998 Creation ofa city OPSculpture 2nd-9th/Sendai 2003 “Family”installed […]

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“Lukomorie on Baikal” in persons – Natalya Beleborodova

Natalya Yurevna Beloborodova has graduated from the Sverdlovsk architectural institute majoring in “Architect”, the member of the Union of designers of Russia. Since 1997 participates in various creative actions for a sculpture from snow and ice, a stone, a tree. The range of occupations is rather wide: it is a watercolor, polygraphy, design, a sculpture. […]

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“Lukomorie on Baikal” in persons — Segundo Marcelino Chiguin Chimbo

Within a heading, “Lukomorie in persons”, we acquaint you with our master artists. Get acquainted, this is Segundo Marcelino, the representative the Republic of Ecvador. He was born on February 3, 1974, lives in the city of San Antonio.

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