Lukomorye–2015. Preamble

The organizers meet all the participants of the festival at Angarsk railway station.

Transportation to village Savateevka is carried out by the organizers.

The participants must have all needed tools with the exception of rough axes and shovels.

The organizers provide:

  • Electric saws, chainsaws,
  • Consumable materials (petrol, oil are paid by the organizers, according to the agreed norm)),
  • Grinding tools,
  • Riveting machine.

Additional materials for making sculptures: metal, fasteners are paid by the organizers by agreement.

ATTENTION! All sculptors cannot be provided with saws at the same time,

If possible, sculptors need to take saws with them for more independent and comfortable work.

Logs are on the start!

Slightly upwards!

Unloading of Angara pine logs

Lower a little!
Lower a little!
The logs are waiting!
The logs are waiting for their carvers!
The logs on the site
The wood for the festival Lukomorie-2015 has already been brought!

A little more news…

The Organizing Committee of the Festival has decided to appoint the chairman of the judiciary board of the fifth international festival of wooden sculpture “Lukomorye -2015”.

It is a multiple winner of the international championships of ice sculptures “Ice Alaska”, Canada, Europe – Zhihartsev V.G.

Also members of the judiciary board were appointed:

  • BAIS Wack-Voya – Representative of the UN High Commissioner in the Russian Federation
  • Sergey Ten – Deputy of the State Duma of the VI convocation
  • Marina Vladimirovna Rozhkova – The Head of the Tourism Agency of the Irkutsk Region