The Regulations of the Festival



Download the Regulations of the Festival.

The international festival of wooden sculpture «Lukomorye -2016» (hereinafter «The Festival») is held on the basis of the children’s recreation camp «Lukomorye» (Irkutsk region, Angarsk area, Savvateevka village, 25 km. from the city of Angarsk) from 11 May till 21 May 2016.

The theme of The Festival is “Faith”.

The Organizer of The Festivalis the children’s recreation camp «Lukomorye».

The Festival is supported by the Tourism Agency of the Irkutsk region and the Administration of Angarsk municipality.

The partner of The Festival is – «Cheremkhovo Forestry».

For further information about The Festival, please call:

  • The city of Angarsk: +7 (3955) 54 65 54;
  • The city of Irkutsk: +7 (3952) 23 11 08;
  • Mobile phones: +7 952 620 92 42; +7 902 579 00 24.

The aims of the Festival:

  • Support and development of the folk crafts and landscape sculpture;
  • Introduction to the cultural values of population of the Irkutsk region and other regions of Russia, and popularization of folk art;
  • Strengthening inter-regional, interethnic and international cultural relations;
  • Promoting the folk crafts in the regions of Russia.

The mission of the Festival:

  • Formation and strengthening of relationship of wood carver masters, artists, critics in the positioning of the folk crafts and landscape sculpture;
  • Exchange of professional experience in the study of modern folk crafts of wood carver masters from Russia, near and far abroad countries;
  • Building and strengthening partnership in the creation of the joint creative projects;
  • The education of the younger generation in the field of aesthetics and ecology;
  • The exposition of the new wooden sculptures in the territory of “Lukomorye» park, which is open throughout the year.

The Organizing Committee is established for the organization and holding of the Festival (hereinafter The Organizing Committee).

The Organizing Committee meets at least once a month, extraordinary meetings can be held on the initiative of the Chairman if necessary.

The charity Fund can be organized by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the financing of the Festival. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee informs the Organizing Committee of the funds flow.

The organizing committee is responsible for approving of the Festival’s program, the members of the jury, the organization and holding of the festival.

Ivan Ivanovich Butenko is The Chairman of the Organizing Committee and the founder of the festival “Lukomorye”. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Festival organizes a working group consisting of respective experts (Administrator, Art Director, Commandant of the territory, PR-Manager) for the organization and holding of the festival.

The Working Group carries out the decisions of the Organizing Committee, provides the preparation and organization of the Festival.

The Working Group under the guidance of The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Festival is responsible for the program of the Festival, including the holding of master classes, the list of the participants and other activities carried out within the framework of the Festival.

Jury chooses the nominees, winners and fellows of the Festival by judging the level of performance, including:

  1. The first impression;
  2. The ideological and artistic conception;
  3. Accordance with the theme of the festival;
  4. Quality of work;
  5. Unity of the composition;
  6. The originality of creative works

Craftsmen or teams (but no more than 2 persons) can participate in the festival on the basis of the application. The application for the participation must be filled and sent in advance. (see. Appendix №1). The application must contain the sketch of the work and portfolio for the preselecting. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Festival guarantees to send an invitation to 20 teams.

For chosen participants the organizer of the Festival provides:

  • Payment of the cost of the two-way second-class train tickets from the place of residence to the place of holding the festival for the sculptors of the Russian Federation. Tickets must be submitted to the Organizing Committee at the end of the festival;
  • Compensation for travelling expenses for sculptors that are not residents of the Russian Federation (tickets must be submitted to the Organizing Committee) but no more than:
    • €300 for artists from Europe and Asia;
    • €400 for artists from Africa;
    • €600 for artists from North and South America;
  • Free accommodation in 2- and 4-bed rooms in comfortable apartments in the children’s recreation camp «Lukomorye» from 11 May till 21 May 2016;
  • Free meals (three times a day) from 11 May till 21 May 2016;
  • Angarsk pine or cedar wood (round timber of a length of 4.0 meters and a diameter from 0.6 to 0.9 meters);
  • A set of tools for rough machining: an ax, a shovel, the possibility of rough tool sharpening;
  • The possibility of using electric tools in the territory(220 volts);
  • Fire protection of the finished sculptures;
  • Gasoline, lubricants and motor oils;
  • One visit to the sauna and a single washing of the work clothes.

Requirements to the wooden sculptures:

Please notice that since 2016

Teams before the beginning of the festival are obliged to represent a miniature version (copy) of the future wooden sculpture made of materials of sculptor’s choice (wood, metal, gypsum, stone) for the museum “Lukomorye”;

The works can be either single sculptures or several sculptures that will arrange the open areas (from 4×4 m to 6×6 m);

Painting and firing of the sculptures is prohibited;

The jury evaluates the craftsmanship additionally;

The finished sculptures become the property of the children’s recreation camp “Lukomorye”. The management of the children’s recreation camp “Lukomorye” has the right to make copies of the works;

Copyright is reserved by the authors in full accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.


The following prizes and awards are awarded by the decision of the festival jury:

  • I place — an award in the amount of 150 000 rubles and the prize diploma;
  • II place – an award in the amount of 100 000 rubles and the prize diploma;
  • III place – an award in the amount of 50 000 rubles and the prize diploma.

In the limit of the award Fund the jury is entitled to:

  • Award not all the prizes;
  • Divide the prizes among the participants;
  • Increase money awards within the available amounts in any nomination in case if some of the money award will not be awarded.

Extra awards from the fund:

  • Special prize of the children’s recreation camp “Lukomorye”;
  • Diploma – award on the assessment of the participants “Captain’s Choice”;
  • Special Prize – «The decision of the children’s jury”;
  • Awards, prizes, gifts from the partners and sponsors of the festival.

Grants for the teams:

  • 4-6 place – 35 000 rub.
  • 7-9 place – 30 000 rub.
  • 10-12 place – 25 000 rub.
  • 13-15 place – 20 000 rub.
  • 16-20 place – 15 000 rub.

Prize and grant Fund can be increased.


The festival’s participants are responsible for safety regulations and fire safety.

The festival participants have to take care about their health insurance and vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis.

Please note that only pre-hospital medical care is possible to provide at the place of holding the festival and the time of ambulance arrival from the city of Angarsk may exceed 1 hour.

For the period from 11 till 21 May 2016 the Organizer provides insurance of the participants against accidents and from a tick bite.


Applications for participation and sketches are accepted from the date of publication of the present regulations up to 1 February 2016 and must be sent by E-mail: lukomor546554@mail.ru with mark “Lukomorye 2016 or by fax +7 (395) 554 6554.

The total size of the application should not exceed 5 MB. Applications of a larger size are not allowed. For the selection in the participation the sculptors must provide:

  • Filled and signed registration form;
  • 7 photographs (minimum) of previous works of the sculptor;
  • Drawings (sketch) of the future sculpture with 4 angles, preferably photos of the scale model of the sculpture from 4 angles. Please provide at least 2 projects of each author; description of the project (the name of the sculpture, size, presentation of the artistic ideas of the author).

The Application must be accompanied by the sketch with a brief summary in Russian.

In the case of coincidence of the theme, plot or composite elements of the wooden composition the Organizing Committee has the right to choose one of the team, and suggest other teams to change the composition of the sculpture, the composite elements and send additional sketches by e-mail before March 1, 2016.

The team gets an invitation for the participation on the basis of its application and after selection by the organizing Committee. An invitation for the participation to the teams is sent by e-mail before MARCH 10, 2016.

For foreign participants the organizing Committee provides electronically scanned documents: invitation and voucher which are necessary to get a tourist visa.

Then foreign participants are responsible for communicating with the embassies or consulates of the Russian Federation in their country and pay the consular fee for a visa to enter Russia.

The team received an invitation must confirm its participation in the Festival, or to send an appropriate decision about the impossibility of participation in the Festival until 20 March 2016.

In this case, additional teams from the reserve list can be invited.

The decision of the Organizing Committee to reject the application cannot be changed. The teams which application is rejected, can arrive as a “reserve team” after agreeing their participation with the Organizing Committee until April 15, 2016


The teams that sent sketches and portfolio, but were not received an invitation can participate in the festival as a “reserve team”.

The Reserve Team:

  • Can take part in the festival without compensation of the travel expenses, but with the provision of free meals and accommodation;
  • May take the prize and receive the award;
  • Can get a grant if it takes 4-20 place;
  • In case of refusal to participate in the festival one of the previously invited teams may receive the compensation for travel expenses.

Meeting, free accommodation and meals are not guaranteed for the Reserve team, uncoordinated its arrival until 15 April 2016 or arrived without pre-approved application by the Organizing Committee.

Other conditions

The festival will be held on the several areas of the pine forest, the most of the areas are located on a slope of 5-7%. The use of living trees and terrain features is encouraged. It is forbidden to damage trees and soil cover.

It is forbidden to use in work components and parts which were made before the festival and outside the festival area.

If the jury finds the team’s work is not finished or if the jury is forced to give very low marks, the Chairman of the organizing Committee of the Festival has the right to refuse the grants for the team.

The organizing Committee undertakes not to publish and not to give third person the rejected sketches.

The organizing Committee can make photographs and videos of the festival (including portraits of the participants) and photographs of the finished works.

The use of alcohol and drugs during the festival is strictly prohibited.

If the team violates public order, damages property, drinks alcohol, it compensates for all expenses incurred by the Chairman of the organizing Committee of the Festival for its participation in the festival and loses its right to get the grant, and can be dismissed from the festival “Lukomorye”.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Festival is not responsible for any conflicts as a result of the use of alcohol and drugs by the participants and conflicts outside the territory of the recreation camp “Lukomorye”.


A collective trip to Lake Baikal will be organized for the participants on May 21, 2016 (on the request).

On prior request you can pay for the rent of electric saws or chainsaws and get other paid services.

Payment of plane tickets, fuel for the arrival by car and pre-purchase train tickets by the organizer is defined individually.

The possibility of meeting at the airport of Irkutsk and the transfer is defined in advance individually (the participants must inform about the date and time of their arrival until May 9).

The Organizing Committee provides the transfer of teams from the Angarsk railway station or Angarsk bus station to the place of holding the festival; assisting in buying of the return tickets.


For more information about applications, invitations, tickets, attraction of the volunteers, please call:

  • +7 964 288 2811 — Sukhanov Anton Valeryevich – the Director of the international project «Lukomorye».

For sponsorship, individual conditions of participation, technical information, please call:

  • +7 902 579 0024 — Butenko Ivan Ivanovich – The Chairman of the organizing Committee “Lukomorye – 2016”.