The second festival of wooden sculpture “Lukomorye — 2012” was held from 15th to 25th of May, 2012.

The theme of the festival “Lukomorye — 2012” was “Heroes of Hellas”.

12 teams from all over Russia participated in the festival.

The participants of the festival derived inspiration from a rich heritage of myths of Ancient Greece.

The magnificent Angara pines became alive with the help of skillful craftsmen’s cutter. Wonderful wooden sculptures found their own characters, filled the surrounding atmosphere with emotions and movement of the characters. Heroes of Ancient Greece, gods, goddesses, and other mythological creatures were holding the audience’s attention.

In 2012 the festival was voted as the most interesting cultural event of the year and it was included in the Book of Records of the Irkutsk region.

The winners of the second festival of wooden sculpture “Lukomorye — 2012”:

Sergey Afanasiev and Maksim Krasulin (the city of Barnaul) took the 1st place with composition “Odysseus and nymph Calypso.”

Odysseus survived after shipwreck during one of his voyages and lovely nymph Calypso had been keeping him in captivity for 7 years on her island, she wanted to be with him forever, offered him immortality and eternal youth. Calypso followed the order of the gods, she was forced to let Odysseus go, and even helped him in the construction of the raft on which he started a long voyage to the shores of his native Ithaca.

The 2nd place took composition “Prometheus” by Ivan Zuev (village Thelma of Usolskiy district).

Prometheus, the titan, the king of the Scythians, stole fire from Hephaestus, took it away from Mount Olympus and gave it to humans, for that he was punished by Zeus: he was chained to a rock and doomed to incessant sufferings. Prometheus was rescued by Heracles. The sculpture embodies the human desire for freedom and justice. The myth of Prometheus is bidirectional: on the one hand, Prometheus is a hero, the bringer of knowledge and civilization; on the other hand he is a rebel against the authority of gods in the name of human freedom.

The 3rd place took Andrey Kozlov (the city of Angarsk) with wooden composition “Playing Pan“.

Jolly Pan is the Greek god of shepherds and flocks, cattle-breeding, fertility and wild nature; he was born with goat legs, beard and horns. The god of incipient light, the god of prediction, the god of guidance, the god of pointing the way and the god pacifying the waves of the sea with the sounds of his flute. Pan is carved with a harp in his hands. The sculpture is very detailed, the humorous look of the fabulous creature gives the audience the mood of joy and fun, and at the same time it represents the significance and dignity of the ancient god.