Сегодня Парк деревянных скульптур «Лукоморье» насчитывает более 150 скульптурных композиций

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  • Ангарск (3955) 54-65-54
  • Иркутск (3952) 23-11-08
  • lukomor546554@mail.ru
  • Понедельник - пятница, с 10:00 до 18:00
Адрес офиса

Ангарск, квартал 188, дом 11, офис 1 (рядом с кафе Макфудс)

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Lists of teams of participants “Lukomorye 2019”

The organizing committee of the festival selected 28 teams from 154 applications, 14 of which will represent Russia, 14 are representatives of foreign countries and 14 teams entered the reserve of the festival-symposium. MAIN: RESERVE: Download

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“Lukomorie on Baikal” in persons — Segundo Marcelino Chiguin Chimbo

Within a heading, “Lukomorie in persons”, we acquaint you with our master artists. Get acquainted, this is Segundo Marcelino, the representative the Republic of Ecvador. He was born on February 3, 1974, lives in the city of San Antonio.

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Riding on snowmobiles at the recreation center “Lukomorye”

Sport, extreme, adrenaline, tourism: opportunities for winter recreation in the project “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Irkutsk

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The puppet “Motanka”

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