Snowmobile tour to «Tsukerov stone»

«Tsukerov stone» is a cliff at the top of the hill. From this place you can enjoy a magnificent view of the valley extending as far as the foothills of the Sayans. It is an ideal place for taking photos.

The length of the route is 10 km.

Travel time ≈ 40 minutes.

Tour duration ≈ 1 hour.

View from Tsukerov stone

Tour program:

  • Instruction (snowmobile safe riding);
  • The start of the tour is from the recreation center «Lukomorye»;
  • 20 minutes is the way from recreation center «Lukomorye» to «Tsukerov stone»;
  • 20 minutes is for taking photos and drinking tea;
  • 20 minutes is the way back to the recreation center «Lukomorye» from «Tsukerov stone».

The cost of the tour:

  • The cost for one person – 1 800 rubles;
  • The cost for two persons — 2 500 rubles.